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ULMA celebrates its 60th anniversary. Congratulations!

Feb 10, 2021
We are celebrating. This year ULMA celebrates 60 years of effort, commitment and solidarity. 60 years ago, a group of youngsters, committed to the people and their environment, created what is now ULMA, a socio-business reality with a strong international presence.

Now, in a very different global situation, with difficulties and uncertainty, we must continue to ensure the future of our ULMA Group, remaining faithful to our Mission and our Values with optimism, taking steps forward, facing challenges and committing to all our people with a spirit of innovation and solidarity.

A number of activities will be organised throughout the year to commemorate this anniversary, including clips providing "a walk through our history" that will be published every month via the Corporate News, as well as other initiatives.

60 years that unite us.  Congratulations!