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ULMA acknowledged for the aid granted

In the middle of last June, the ULMA Group allocated financial aid to the Red Cross, the Food Bank and Caritas to alleviate the situation of those most disadvantaged by the current situation of Covid-19. These associations acknowledged us for the aid and tell us what they are going to use it for.
ULMA acknowledged for the aid granted
Jul 13, 2020

Alba Casares, Red Cross

“Thanks to the contribution of the ULMA Group, we have got a relief regarding the various expenses that we are having due to the situation generated by Covid-19. With the aid of the ULMA Group, we can also continue working with the vulnerable population and address the School Material campaign with the guarantee that we will reach all the boys and girls in the region who request it from us”.

José María Beitia, Food Bank

“Through these lines, the Food Bank would like to thank the ULMA Group for providing financial aid to our entity.  We would also like to inform them that the aid received will be intended for the purchase of basic necessities, in the first place, aimed at children under 3 years of age, while the remainder will be allocated to the purchase of non-perishable products, motivated by the upturn in a 35% of recipients of these foods in the month of June. We take this opportunity to send you a big hug from all the recipients of these foods”.

Berta Etxegoien, Caritas

“On behalf of Caritas, we would like to thank you for the help you have given us.

Thank you very much to all the people of the ULMA Group, as your contribution will be of great help to us in our daily activities and in facing all the needs that arise due to Covid-19.

The help we have received from the ULMA Group will be largely intended to alleviate these economic needs, as well as to invest in our ongoing social and labour integration projects.

Thank you very much from the entire Caritas family”.