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Strategic Thinking on Internationalisation at ULMA Conveyor

Strategic Thinking on Internationalisation at ULMA Conveyor
Oct 03, 2013

Over recent weeks ULMA Conveyor has carried out a strategic thinking exercise focused on strengthening and developing its internationalisation.

With the help of the consultancy firm BANPRO, which is also working with ULMA Conveyor to develop its Process Management and Organisational Transformation, a number of brainstorming sessions were held to prepare and design internationalisation strategies for the replacement parts markets and engineering projects.

The priority to come out of the sessions, involving both the management and the entire business development teams, was to boost the replacement parts market and consolidate the projects market.

After setting targets and analysing the market (product, client, competition, positioning, differentiation, etc.) the key countries were ranked by priority (by their potential volume, price, competition, barriers, and Conveyor’s current position).

A differentiation and sales channel strategy was also drawn up, by country, as well as an Actions and Control Indicators Plan, which will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Finally, in order to communicate the goals, strategy and actions to be taken to the entire organisation, an information session was held for all ULMA Conveyor employees, providing details on the process followed and the results obtained.