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Short film ODOLUSTEAK shown at ULMA

The short film will be exhibited on 19 December, at 6 pm, in the auditorium of ULMA Group in Oñati: Garagaltza District, 51.
Short film ODOLUSTEAK shown at ULMA
Dec 10, 2019

Admission will be free for anyone who wishes to attend the event until full capacity is reached: 100 people. To ensure your seat it is advisable to make your reservation on this link.

After winning the first prize in the 2018 Oñati Short Film Rally and winning the public vote, the Dwingi Dwingi group decided to embark on a larger project. The result is the newly-released short film Odolusteak. Several ULMA workers are involved in the project. Therefore, on the day of the exhibition at ULMA, we will first have the presentation by the team and the explanation of the project before proceeding to exhibiting the short film, which lasts about 45 minutes. After the session, we will have the opportunity to clarify possible doubts or ask more questions.