• Ulma Construction

REVIT® Design: Cebu-Cordova link expressway, 3D technical solution

Aug 30, 2022
One of the largest infrastructure projects carried out in the Philippines. The bridge consists of two octagonal pylons, variable on all sides and 150 metres high.

In projects of this scale, which also feature complex geometries, having easy access to the 3D model has made it possible to quickly resolve any problems or interference before and during the construction work process. The digital model was updated when any changes were made, so there was a continuous and effective flow of information between everyone involved in the project.

Using REVIT® to design the pylon was essential to allow all of ULMA's systems to be used, given the complexity of its geometry: variable in the octagonal section, and in the different climbing phases. In the first phase, it was a regular octagon with a variable section, but in the following two phases, as well as being irregular, the geometry was variable on the 8 sides. Additionally, the formwork had to be adapted to the stay cable boxes and the presence of an ornamental cross embedded in the concrete.

This tool allowed us to verify that with this technical solution, there was no interference at any point along the entire shaft of the pylon or in each layer, making it possible to develop a suitable design in each phase. So, two formwork solutions and the ATR self-climbing system were installed, one for phase 1 and the other for phases 2 and 3, as the geometry changed after the deck of the bridge.

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