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Relationships between siblings

It will be the third topic to be discussed at the Parents’ School organised by the ULMA Foundation. The event will be held on 28 February, from 5 pm to 7 pm, at the offices of the ULMA Group in Oñati, Spain.
Relationships between siblings
Feb 12, 2019

Many times, relationships are difficult between siblings, with fights and jealousy at all ages. They love each other but they fight, they cannot be together without some reason for discussion, and the parents have to be in the middle in an attempt to bring peace. The birth of a new member of the family can also alter the order at home and, faced with this situation, sometimes we do not know what the best way to act is.

We will count on the intervention of the speaker Rafael Cristobal, PhD in Medicine, Neurology and Child Psychiatry. Professor of Child Evolutionary Psychology at HUHEZI (Mondragon University) and teacher at the University of the Basque Country.

We will talk about this topic and seek to understand why these behaviours are childish, how we should act in these situations and what strategies we should follow to try to correct them. In these meetings, we can ask, share our experiences and address our doubts.

We will start with a few questions for the debate: How would you define jealousy? Is jealousy the same as rivalry? What do you think are the factors that encourage jealousy?

In order to facilitate your attendance, we offer a day-care service, so you can come with your children.

If are coming, please sign up here so that we can properly organise the meeting and the day-care service.

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