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Red Cross new toy charity collection

The ULMA Foundation has joined the Red Cross charity toy collection campaign, so that this Christmas no child in our area goes without a present.
Red Cross new toy charity collection
Nov 14, 2016

And, as always, we also need your help with this last campaign of the year. To encourage you to contribute toys we have left collection boxes at all of the cooperatives until 16 December. The Red Cross is asking for new toys, that are not sexist or warlike, for kids between 0 and 15 years old.

If you want to participate in the campaign but are not sure which toy to buy, or simply have no spare time to go shopping, you can also help by giving money to the Red Cross so they can buy whatever is missing at the end of the collection. And we have made it easy for you: by contacting your human resources department you can ask them to give the Red Cross 5, 10 or 20 Euros from your December salary, to be paid on 5 January.

Remember, contributions made to NGOs are tax deductible on your annual tax return. Your charity will be return one day.

All of the toys collected by the Red Cross during this charity collection will be sent the following week to the Councils, and then distributed to the most needy families in our region. So, thanks to your help, we can ensure the magic reaches every child this Christmas.

THEIR RIGHTS ARE AT STAKE. No child without a toy!