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Pre-assembled solutions at the Tampa International Airport, USA

Feb 18, 2021
The extension of the Tampa International Airport required forming and shoring solutions to build a new bridge for Taxiway.

The Hillsborough County Aviation Authority projected the necessity of a new bridge for Taxiway ‘A’ at the Tampa International Airport to extend its capacity.

The new 1,000-meter-long, cross-field taxiway and bridge is located at the north end of the Tampa International Airport, within a project area of approx. 230.000 m². ULMA is providing formwork equipment to construct the bridge with three spans and a total height of approximately 30 feet.

To solve the need for circular structures, ULMA delivered round steel columns. We also offered over 4.360 m² of VR Tables, along with H20 wood joists and MK120 walers. For shoring solutions, ULMA provided the aluminum shoring post ALUPROP.

Both VR Tables and ALUPROP solutions can be pre-assembled at ULMA’s warehouse, which results in a faster placement of the equipment on the job site and boosts productivity.