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Practising Basque at the Gomiztegi Shepherd’s School

Last Friday 3 July a group of ULMA Basque language students and their “berbalagunak” (Basque-speaking work colleagues who help them practice the language) visited the Shepherds’ School in Gomiztegi.
Practising Basque at the Gomiztegi Shepherd’s School
Jul 07, 2015

Last year, they went on a potholing trip to the Arrikrutz caves. This year, they enjoyed lunch at Arantzazu followed by a stroll to Gomiztegi. On arrival, the group watched a shepherding display, with explanations provided by the different members of the school’s staff on how to guide the herd, milk production, cheesemaking, etc.

The group was thrilled to observe the sheep-shearing process close up and see how each animal was firmly controlled. They also had the chance to taste four different types of cheese and txakoli wine from Upain: the perfect combination.

The aim of the initiative was for the participants to practise their Basque language skills outside work and to acknowledge the commitment demonstrated by the Basque students and their “berbalagunak” on an everyday basis at ULMA. The initiative was organised by the ULMA Group Basque Language Motivation Committee as part of the Basque Language Plan.