Part of the volunteering group of MicroFLL MONDRAGON-INNOBASQUE — ULMA Begira

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Part of the volunteering group of MicroFLL MONDRAGON-INNOBASQUE

An unbeatable opportunity to be an active part in the event to be held on 19 January
Part of the volunteering group of MicroFLL MONDRAGON-INNOBASQUE
Dec 03, 2018

➢     20 groups of students from Basque schools and institutes will participate in the MicroLAD MONDRAGON-INNOBASQUE.

➢     Volunteers will have an assigned role that will be crucial to guarantee the main values ​​of the tournament: creativity, collaboration, respect for others, and fun.

MONDRAGON and Innobasque is organising the Micro FLL MONDRAGON-INNOBASQUE Tournament with the aim of helping young people from 10 to 16 years of age to develop scientific and technological skills and vocations. That is why we want you to participate actively in the event on 19 January, as part of its volunteering staff.

By working hand in hand with groups, people, schools, assistants or other agents, we wish to make this MicroFLL great. In order for all this to work properly, the help of volunteers is necessary. To do this, you can sign up HERE.

A source of inspiration

First Lego League is an international educational programme that currently brings together roughly 500,000 young people spread across 90 countries. The MONDRAGON-INNOBASQUE MicroFLL tournament will take place on the Campus of the Higher Polytechnic School of Mondragon Unibertsitatea (Iturripe), framed in the agreement that the MONDRAGON Corporation has with Innobasque to promote STEAM education. Thus, we intend to encourage interest in scientific and technological vocations and skills among students in the Basque Country.