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Ulma Handling Systems

New ULMA Handling Systems website

ULMA Handling Systems launches its new website geared to the new communication era: simple and graphic, edgy, practical and multilingual. Based on the premise that less is more, ULMA Handling Systems’ new site offers users a complete logistics solutions showcase, with features ranging from multimedia presentations showing its wide range of solutions to success stories and last-minute news.
New ULMA Handling Systems website
May 20, 2015

The new website also provides information about ULMA Handling Systems’ latest activities and products, such as its new Hospital Logistics Solutions, and cutting-edge products such as the IK PAL robot, new order picking systems and much more.

All the social and human values characterising the cooperative also feature on the new site, which includes a presentation of its team of professionals, its main partner DAIFUKU and different success stories with accounts by real people.

In addition to presenting our new corporate identity, ULMA’s site provides new possibilities for interacting with users and customers through the social networks it is present on.