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Major-Meukow opts for Warehouse automation

The Cognac company MAJOR-MEUKOW will become home to an automatic warehouse managed by an stacker crane and a picking system
Major-Meukow opts for Warehouse automation
May 24, 2016

The huge revolution in the field of logistics has taken place behind closed doors at many companies, from the point of view of internal logistics. Here the combination of engineering and new information technologies, has converted warehouses into the very heart of the supply chain. Indeed, the introduction of automated warehouses in the logistics process has not only brought businesses, significant cost savings, but also significant increases in productivity in all supply processes, whether it be in production or in distribution environments.

In this regard, the Cognac company MAJOR-MEUKOW will become home to an automatic warehouse managed by an stacker crane designed to operate in several aisles of the warehouse, as well as a picking systemdesigned so that a single picking station can prepare several orders simultaneously.

For the realization of this project ULMA has conceived the logistics process from an integral engineering standpoint with regards Material Handling Systems, encapsulating the needs of customers, in logistics, consulting, planning and engineering services to project implementation and after-sales service.