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José Manuel Velasco Conference in ULMA Group

On March 29, José Manuel Velasco Guardado, communication consultant, executive coach and, from June, President of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, gave a conference entitled “The value of the brand and communication for the management of business environments”. Approximately 70 people from different companies in the area appeared at the event.
José Manuel Velasco Conference in ULMA Group
Mar 31, 2017

This conference addressed different issues related to 21st century communication and, above all, the form of communication and what it entails.

According to José Manuel Velasco, “we are witnessing a paradigm shift” and, in this change, “authenticity is the best value”. In addition to that authenticity, “in a world of uncertainty, where the fear of the unknown is still evident”, the importance of “knowing how to manage a conversation” is crucial.

This conversation was evident at the moment of summoning and sharing the information of the talk via Twitter and LinkedIn, with the participation of both the speaker and the audience, generating strong repercussion.

In this new communication paradigm, we should understand that protagonism should always be shared. The information no longer follows a single address. The rules have changed, in which “in an online world, the paradigm should not be control, but monitoring and information management”.

After all, communication is about telling stories. In this case, however, it takes place from a different perspective, with emphasis on emotions. “Authenticity, conversations, listening and coherence” are the keys to 21st century communication.

“Your way of communicating in life will determine how far you will succeed.” Bernard Hiller