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Informative talks at ULMA Piping

As is usual at the start of the year, ULMA Piping has recently held the informative talks open to the whole collective, both in Oñati and Lazkao.
Informative talks at ULMA Piping
Feb 28, 2013

Along with the talks which are also held in April and September, this is the moment to mention the best and worst of the year's events as well as the main plans for the coming year. This is an opportunity for the collective to gain first hand knowledge of the particular features and details which are so difficult to transmit through reports and meetings of administrative bodies. It is also an opportunity for everyone to ask questions and clear up any doubts they might have in addition to understanding and gaining in-depth knowledge of the working environment in which they take an active participative role.


In Oñati two talks were held on 31 January, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon, attended by about 70 people. Firstly, a preview of the close of year 2012 was given and secondly information was given regarding the general background to the 2013 Management Plan.

Along the same lines, another 40 people attended on 15 February in Lazkao. Topics were the close of last business year and the approach to 2013, a year already started and in which we are already fully immersed.


We spoke about the best and worst of 2012. About the challenges accomplished and the challenges which were left for this year. However, in overall terms the meetings displayed the satisfaction that despite 2013 being a very difficult year in an adverse complicated economic environment, we managed to have a good year.


It is always a pleasure and a great opportunity to take the time to meet up for a talk. And this time no less so. There was sufficient time to talk about the main plans for 2013. To talk about the hard road ahead and the crisis which engulfs us. About uncertainties and opportunities. However, also about what can be done in the face of this crisis and what can be done to fight it. Challenges were broken down into the spheres of sales and marketing, design, purchasing and production.

All of them ambitious plans but most of them are in the hands of ULMA Piping and they could make 2013 an even better year than 2012.