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Indulgences, tantrums and limits

The first topic of the School for Parents, organised by the ULMA Foundation on Thursday, 18 October, at the offices of the ULMA Group in Oñati, Spain, from 5 pm to 7:00 pm
Indulgences, tantrums and limits
Sep 25, 2018

With the intervention of the speaker Rafael Cristobal, PhD in Medicine, Neurology and Child Psychiatry. Professor of Child Evolutionary Psychology at HUHEZI (Mondragon University) and teacher at the University of the Basque Country.

It will be the first informative meeting for parents, in which we will have the opportunity to listen to basic notions of the functioning of the child and young brain and its development, the innate tendencies of children, and their appearance over time. The ability to control emotions; indulgences, stubbornness, tantrums and limits: its importance in the development of the personality.

Oftentimes, we would like children to come to the world with an instruction manual, in which we can check for advice on upbringing in order to do our best as parents in difficult situations, when they get angry and there is no way to make them listen, or or when we lose our patience with their tantrums. Since there is no manual, we are organising these meetings, in which we can ask, share our experiences, and address our doubts.

With an estimated duration of two hours, this will be the first of the meetings and, depending on our assessment, the goal is to ensure its continuity, establish a periodicity, and address different topics of interest to parents.

In order to facilitate your attendance, we have organised a day-care service, so you can come with your children.

If you have already decided to come, please sign up here so that we can properly organise the meeting and the day-care service:

We are waiting for you at the ULMA Group offices, at Garagaltza Auzoa, 51.

If you have any questions, you can contact us as anytime by writing an email to or by calling 943 250 300.