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Ideas Competition: ULMA and San Sebastian European City of Culture 2016

Next year, San Sebastian will be the headquarters of European culture - SAN SEBASTIAN 2016. To mark this occasion, and since ULMA Group is a Global Collaborator of said event, ULMA Foundation is going to promote an Ideas Competition for its partners and employees.
Ideas Competition: ULMA and San Sebastian European City of Culture 2016
Sep 01, 2015

The proposals must describe an action, activity or initiative that promotes the image of ULMA, its values, and which gives rise to participation. The ideas may refer to social or cultural initiatives and activities. The objective is to propose ideas that promote the participation of ULMA staff, to bring culture closer to an industrial context, promote creativity and activate innovation.

Any person or group of people who work in ULMA Group can participate, regardless of their geographic location. It will only be necessary to send a sufficiently documented cultural proposal or initiative. Initiatives that consider aspects of greater innovative and participative content will be prioritised. It will be looked upon positively if the proposals are in keeping with the ULMA Values and can be materialised in the region of Debagoiena. Aspects such as originality, creativity, sustainability and being able to be carried out with the use of new technologies will be valued.

The beginning of the assessment process will be immediately after the closure of the period for the admission of proposals. The selected proposals will be sent to the General Council of ULMA Group which will ultimately be responsible for determining the winning projects. In the event that none of the proposals meets the minimum quality requirements, the competition may be declared void.

The winning proposal, if considered viable and of interest by the Capital of Culture 2016 committee, will form part of its programme of activities. If the proposal is not considered of interest, ULMA Foundation will assess the possibility of carrying it out.

We look forward to receiving your ideas!

Delivery deadline: The 24th of September

They should be sent by:

By email to

By ordinary post to the Central Departments of ULMA Group, at Garagaltza auzoa 51, in Oñati

Directly at the reception of the Central Departments of ULMA Group

The prizes:

The winning Project: 1500 euros

Second placed project: 500 euros

Reference: DONOSTIA2016

The presentation of prizes: The 28th of October in the ULMA Group Auditorium