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Humanity at Music, the cooperative symphony

On 14 November, the MONDRAGON Corporation held in the Kursaal Centre of San Sebastian the pre-release of an inter-cooperative art project that will perform music for the Cooperative Experience. In this event, it was possible to hear the first piece of music that integrates, along with seven other songs, the full album of “Humanity at Music”.
Humanity at Music, the cooperative symphony
Nov 22, 2018

The piece, entitled “Dos pies” (Bi hanka, or “Two Feet”), is sung by a chorus of boys and girls who look to the future with one foot on the ground, in reality, and another in the air, in dreams and utopias. The lyrics of this song, as well as the other seven others, have been written by Jon Sarasua, the music is authored by the composer Fernando Velázquez, and the interpretation was performed by the Basque Symphony Orchestra and by people from various cooperatives and members of choirs.

The complete album will be presented on 29 November, along with a book on the Cooperative Experience and the other seven musical pieces that make up the sound memory of the cooperatives integrated in MONDRAGON.

More information on “Humanity at Music” can be found here.