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High quality fair-faced concrete with ULMA formwork

Mar 25, 2022
One of the requirements of the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art project was to achieve a high quality of the concrete surface. So, ULMA has provided solutions to obtain excellent concrete finishes. For example, for the construction of walls and columns, the VMK formwork was used.

The new Museum of Modern Art is located in the heart of Warsaw, Poland. The white building of architectural concrete poured in situ, is designed with glazing that breaks up the solid feel of the structure. With a total area of almost 20,000 m², it will house exhibition spaces, educational areas, conservation workshops, and even a café and cinema.

ULMA systems provide a high-quality finish for concrete surfaces, one of the key demands for this project. All the solutions were designed specifically to obtain the maximum quality possible while meeting the architectural and technical requirements for the project. In this type of building, close collaboration between all parties involved from the outset was fundamental in achieving the required results.

The walls and columns were made using the VMK beam formwork system. The formwork panels were coated in plastic to obtain a uniform tone on the surface of the concrete. Once the process was completed, all white vertical concrete structures were covered to protect them from damage and dirt.

To ensure the protection of workers, all formwork systems were supplied with a full range of safety solutions. Each formwork unit has a working platform for pouring, and two access ladders. The use of ladders at the top of the formwork unit, as well as access ladders on the opposite side, makes formwork handling more efficient and safer. The SBU platform, composed of BRIO scaffolding elements, made it possible to create platforms of the required dimensions that could be placed directly on the MK walers.