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H-33 Truss, modular and load-bearing solution in the construction of two bridges in Kraków

Jun 10, 2022
Two new bridges over the Vistula are under construction in Kraków: the M1 and M3. The first will be used by long-distance trains and the second by local trains. The separation of long-distance and local traffic will improve the passage of trains through the area considerably, allowing for an increase in service coverage, shortened journey times, and enhanced passenger comfort and safety.

These two new railway bridges in Kraków are part of the project entitled "Works on the E30 railway line, Kraków Główny Towarowy-Rudzice section, including the construction of metropolitan line tracks". This is an investment of over one billion zł, co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), a funding instrument for European infrastructure investment, which will ensure the efficient travel of trains through the Kraków section of the international E30 route, which connects the cities of Przemyśl, Kraków, Wrocław, and Zgorzelec, among others.

The company in charge of managing the railway lines (PLK - Polskie Linie Kolejowe) planned three new railway bridges, and since 2020 trains have been able to cross the M2. The second crossing will have two tracks for long-distance trains. The third bridge will be for trains, pedestrians and cyclists.

Strabag is the general contractor for this project. ULMA Construction provided complete formwork, shoring and scaffolding solutions for all phases of construction and for the three structures M1, M2, and M3.

The M1 structure consists of four spans. The supporting structure of the formwork for three of the spans was built with heavy-duty H-33 Trusses measuring between 24 - 30 metres in length. This truss system is modular, requires minimal shoring, and is easy to both assemble and handle. The narrowest span is made of 12 m long TAC steel profiles.

The shoring for the supporting structures for the side spans of the M1 consists of T60 Shoring Towers, ALUPROP aluminium props, and heavy-duty S40 Props.

ENKOFORM HMK was used for the bridge deck formwork, and proved to be a very versatile beam formwork system for various horizontal concrete structures that adjusted perfectly to the section requirements.

For more details, watch the video.