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Give a local, sustainable and healthy product

The baskets with food products from Ereindajan are a very interesting gift option, which are a sure bet. You can choose the content and make batches with products tailored to your budget or your taste.
Give a local, sustainable and healthy product
Nov 13, 2019

Here, we show you a selection of proposals, ranging from €30 to €110.


Ereindajan is a project that promotes an agroecology model in the Debagoiena Valley, with local and socially fair products.

  • Local products: Offering responsible consumption and local development. Producers from the valley, with high-quality products, are our base.
  • Healthy: Agroecology as an axis, taking care of our land and our bodies. We work without additives and with seasonal products.
  • Fair: The relationship between producers and consumers is fair. Prices are fair for producers and reasonable for consumers.
  • Cooperative: It is a cooperative project, designed among users, and established and built among everyone. Producers, consumers and workers alike participate.

You can get more information by contacting Ereindajan, on the phone 943 080 465, or by writing to