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First courses of the Employability Plan completed

18 associates from different ULMA Businesses have completed the first courses of their Training Plan to obtain the ULMA Profile. These courses are part of the profiles of Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Mechatronics and Materials, and Welding.
First courses of the Employability Plan completed
Jul 10, 2020

The courses were taught by the Miguel Altuna Institute, on its premises in Bergara, with the rest of the scheduled courses to be resumed in September.

The “Associate Employability” project arises from the continuous changes in technology, management and the environment itself, which will transform the workspaces in the coming years, as well as the need to ensure greater employability for the members of the ULMA Group to face crisis situations.

This programme began on 7 September 2017 and is aimed at indefinite associates of the ULMA Group, under 50 years of age, who do not have higher-level professional training. Its goal is to facilitate the mobility of the associates who currently do not have such training, enabling them respond to current and future production changes originating in our markets