Exhibitions start on Monday 27 April — ULMA Begira

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Exhibitions start on Monday 27 April

At the initiative of the ULMA Foundation, the ULMA Group has launched a series of exhibitions open to the public to showcase the hobbies and interests of its workers and members.
Exhibitions start on Monday 27 April
Apr 21, 2015

Photography, painting and numerous collections are some of the exhibitions that will be on display from April at Calle Garagaltza Auzoa, 51. The venue chosen for the shows is the hall of the ULMA Group’s Central Offices.

The first of the exhibitions is by ULMA Construction worker-partner Natxo Santos. Twelve fine art photographs taken at different times of the year at different locations in the town of Oñati will be on show for 4 weeks. In the words of the photographer:

“These are images of the buildings and landscapes that capture the essence of Oñati, but you have to choose the right moment for your shot. I like playing around with colour and making the most of sunset or dusk, the snow in winter or the russet tones in autumn, because the lustre and the colour vary so much at the different times.” NATXO SANTOS (ULMA Construction)

  • Date: 27 April – 22 May
  • Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 – 12:30 and 14:00 – 17:30


For forthcoming exhibitions, the ULMA Group would like to appeal to its workers and members and give them the chance to showcase their hobbies and collections. If you’d like to exhibit at the next exhibition, just let us know!
Do you enjoy painting in your free time?
Do you have any interesting collections?
Are you a budding sculptor?
Join our exhibition programme now!

(Visit the Central Offices, send an email to atatiegi@ulma.com or call Ainhoa Tatiegi on 943 250 300)