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Do you understand your electricity bill?

Informative talk: We will help you understand your electricity bill, so you can check if you have contracted what you really need and know what you are paying for each item. There could be aspects to improve.
Do you understand your electricity bill?
Jun 11, 2019

Goiener will be visiting us to give this talk. Goiener is a cooperative project of generation and consumption of 100% renewable energy, with the aim of recovering energy sovereignty.

Bring your electricity bill on Thursday, 4 July, at 5:30 pm to the Central Services offices of the ULMA Group, Garagaltza Auzoa, 51, Oñati.

Currently, electricity is an asset almost as basic as food or water. Goiener wants citizens to regain control over that basic asset and become aware of its importance, promoting responsible and sustainable energy consumption.

We will begin the talk by explaining the concepts that appear on electricity bills, followed by Goiener’s presentation. Finally, we will have the opportunity to ask questions to clarify all our doubts.

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