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Do you live in Oñati and work at ULMA in Oñati?

Get on the Lanbus and enjoy the advantages of being sustainable at ULMA.
Do you live in Oñati and work at ULMA in Oñati?
Jan 16, 2019

1. We extended the schedule from 4 February, to find the Lanbus that suits you best:

2. Earn cycles and exchange them for gifts

Using the Lanbus is a sustainable way to go to work: You get cycles and you exchange them for gifts. Sign up!

To participate, just take these two simple steps:

– Sign up on the website

– Download the free Ciclogreen app on your mobile.

You now have everything to start counting your sustainable kilometres!

Each km that you travel on the LanBus will allow you to earn 1 cycle.

3. Count your numbers and calculate how much money you can save per year

Number of kilometres you have from home to work: A

Number of times you travel that distance every day: B

Number of days you work per year: C

A x B x C = your annual kilometres

Average cost of the kilometre by car: €0.30/km

Your annual kilometres x €0.30: How much are you going to save?

Example: Mikel lives in Ugarkalde and works at ULMA Packaging Garibai. He has 4.1 km. Each lunchtime, he eats at home, so he travels 16.4 km every day. His calendar has 218 business days and a total 3,575.2 km per year. at ULMA, we calculate it as €1,072.56.

In addition, in a year Mikel, would be able to get a lot of cycles to exchange them for gifts.

Count your numbers and think about your savings… And you will no longer have to worry about parking!

4. In February and March, we raffled €50 each week for purchases in the Oñati shop. You will participate in the raffle automatically by using Lanbus at least three days a week and registering your journey on the Ciclogreen app.

Are you going to keep using your car?