Bidegorriak euskararentzat project under way at ULMA — ULMA Begira

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Bidegorriak euskararentzat project under way at ULMA

Bidegorriak euskararentzat ("cycle lane" in Basque) is a socio-cultural activity organised by the ULMA Foundation and the ULMA Basque Motivation Team for 2016. The project is a means for ULMA to show its workers its commitment to the Basque language and ultimately share this with society and the people of Oñati.
Bidegorriak euskararentzat project under way at ULMA
Mar 03, 2016

In saying Bidegorriak euskararentzat we aim to defend the view that Basque needs it own path, that it needs space to breathe, and ULMA wants to help do its bit, in the workplace, by using Basque more and more at work and thereby opening up space for it, given that ULMA is also part of that ecosystem.

As part of this drive, on 23 September members and workers of the different ULMA businesses are set to leave work and cycle the cycle lane as a group in a festive spirit to Oñati square, where they will display the commitments they have acquired to Basque language throughout the year using murals and other media. And as a postscript to the party we will be offering a concert by KALAKAN.

In addition we will be organising different activities throughout the year. The activity schedule is as follows:

1.   During the months of March, April and May:

  • We will be presenting a Decalogue of linguistic ecology at ULMA.
  • Basque language Q&A competition for ULMA workers.

2.  In June and July:

  • We will reflect on linguistic behaviour at ULMA.
  • We will capture our commitments to the Basque language in murals.
  • We will work this theme with the kids and youngsters at schools in Oñati.

3. On 23 September:

  • Basque cycle lane: route through the different Oñati businesses until the square, using the cycle lane.
  • Celebration event at Oñati square: public event, trikitilaris, game of slack-line, mural panels, …
  • Concert with KALAKAN music group.