• Ulma Handling Systems

Automotive components manufacturer "Alfaro Brakes" entrusts its warehouse automation to ULMA

Feb 09, 2017
Alfaro Brakes, the leading solution for brake, steering and suspension parts, will count on an automated warehouse at its facilities in Alfaro (La Rioja), thanks to the project developed by ULMA Handling Systems

Alfaro Brakes has extensive experience in developing pioneering products, with a focus always on quality and innovation. Over time, it has built up a reputation for outstanding safety and durability, which has led to its decision to now automate its facilities in Alfaro, La Rioja.

The automated logistics to be developed by ULMA will allow Alfaro Brakes to increase the productivity of its logistics process and optimise its efficiency, improving the traceability of its products and, in turn, enhancing the service offered to customers.

ULMA will develop an automated storage solution. Once fully developed by ULMA Handling Systems, the automotive parts manufacturer will count on an automated warehouse managed by pallet and tray shuttles. The facilities will also be fitted with picking posts to round off the logistics process, allowing Alfaro Brakes to prepare its orders quickly and efficiently.