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“Korrika Kulturala” initiative in place

After two weeks of campaign at ULMA in favour of Korrika, almost 5 kilometres have been achieved thanks to the 345 donations, of 5 euro each. We have two more weeks, until 24 March, to continue donating.
“Korrika Kulturala” initiative in place
Mar 16, 2017

In addition, as an innovation this year, ULMA is implementing the “Korrika Kulturala” AEK initiative: a visit to the Barandiaran Museum, in Ataun, on 31 March, followed by dinner at the Urbitarte cidery, at a price of 35 euro.

Bus services are included, with departure at 5:30 pm and return at 01:00 am.

Stops at Bergara, Arrasate, Oñati, Legazpi, Zumarraga, Beasain, and Ataun.

Those who are interested can sign up using the sheets placed on the ULMA boards or by giving their name to a member of the ULMA Motivation Team before 24 March.