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"In recent years, a range of work has been completed to ensure that citizens use cars as little as possible and to support sustainable mobility. In this mandate we will continue along this path with a focus on sustainability."

Apr 27, 2020
Born in Oñati, married and with 2 daughters. She is a Telecommunications Engineer and has a European Master’s Degree in Project Management. She is currently facing her first year as Mayor of Oñati. Her hobbies include sports, especially running, music, reading, cooking ...
:: After almost a year as Mayor, what is your general evaluation of what you have accomplished during this time? Has it met your own expectations?
It is true that almost a year has passed since I took office. I can say that these months have involved a lot of work. First because we needed to continue projects that were already underway and we did not want them to be cut, and second, during the first months we had to organize and start up both municipal tasks and other organizations in which we participate. Now in 2020, I can say that things are moving forward and that I am happy about the strength of the group, about our coordination and in general, about the work we are doing. So I can say that these months, for me at least, have been very positive.


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