• Ulma Handling Systems

ULMA Handling Systems entrusts its future to the INDUSTRY 4.0 revolution

Jan 27, 2016
Immersed in its continuous innovation strategy, ULMA Handling Systems has opened its doors to the new INDUSTRY 4.0 revolution that is set to become the Industry of the Future, combining the virtual world of information technology (IT) and the physical world of machines and the Internet.

In collaboration with Technology Centres, ULMA Handling Systems is currently in the process of developing different INDUSTRY 4.0 projects focussed on the generation of Human-Machine collaboration environments or analysis software capable of converting the large amounts of data produced by intelligent repositories into useful and valuable information on which to base sound decision-making. The development of such projects will enable real-time monitoring and interaction, obtaining notable advantages in terms of logistics process productivity and efficiency.

Roberto Arriaran, Innovation Manager at ULMA Handling Systems underlines that “the challenge of this new industrial revolution is accompanied by the digitalisation and interconnection between products, machines, value chains and businesses to enable the digitalisation and integration of ICTs throughout the logistics process”. And he goes on to add that “INDUSTRY 4.0 means converting our company into an intelligent company, to enable us to manage information that is key to achieving better results, and which directly impacts the quality of service offered to the customer”.

INDUSTRY 4.0 constitutes a new way of organising the value chain, with the objective of implementing a large number of «intralogistic- smart warehouse solutions» capable of improved adaptation to logistical needs and processes, and improved resource allocation.