• Ulma Handling Systems

ULMA Handling Systems, Basque candidate for the 2014 CEX Award for good practice in Internationalisation

Mar 26, 2014
ULMA Handling Systems and Microdeco were the winners at the eleventh EUSKALIT Club 400 Conference on Internationalisation. Both companies will be the Basque candidates for the 2014 CEX Award, organised by the Association of Excellence Promotion Centres (CEX) at national level.

The need to open doors onto new international markets has led ULMA to design a strategic internationalisation procedure requiring the involvement and effort of all the company areas.

The start-up of this procedure requires exhaustive internal analysis of the situation, a foreign market survey and a control and follow-up stage.

ULMA Handling Systems believes that entrepreneurial internationalisation should not be a circumstantial decision resulting from a crisis but rather a strategically planned decision, which helps company development.

This decision should be the result of conscious reflection, including all the factors affecting internationalisation.

On the one hand, internal factors like the company’s general strategy plan or its characteristics should be considered, and on the other, external factors like the type of market to be worked on and agents involved in the process. The need for internationalisation stems from ULMA’s identity as a company, since it explicitly expresses our international vocation, and it is thus reflected in the UGOP (ULMA Group Organisation Project): in the face of the inevitable growth of market globalisation, an international profile for the ULMA Group has been chosen so it should insist on an open receptive attitude in the organisation with regard to international action.