• Ulma Handling Systems

ULMA- Banque de France: Eurosystems's first automated bank logistic system

Jun 21, 2016
ULMA Handling Systems stays ahead yet again with the start up of an innovative logistics project, once more leading the technological market in a unique challenge in the Euro zone.

The aim of Banque de France on starting the project was to increase the level of production, which until now was conducted at smaller plants, by improving process quality and service quality. Something it has indeed managed to achieve with flying colours. Thanks to the technology integrated by ULMA, Banque de France also covers its requirements for reception, storage and disposal of banknotes and coins, as well preparing money ordering services for banks in northern France.

ULMA Handling Systems has provided a funds reception system (with 4 entries and case and pallet control), a further palletizing system with two Cartesian robots and final automatic transport using 3 automated robots (AGVs).

Similarly, it has built a couple of automated warehouses for pallets and cases, both with 2 overhead conveyors. The first (Unit Load) has a storage capacity of 976 pallets or 1,952 half pallets, while the second can store (Mini Load) 1,250 cases of 350x450x200.