• Ulma Handling Systems

New ULMA Handling Systems Warehouse Management System (WMS) catalogue

Sep 10, 2015
ULMA Handling Systems has launched a new sales support for its Warehouse Management System (WMS) called the IK STORE+ comprised of a sales guide with information about the most significant advantages of its WMS.

The WMS catalogue provides a broad view of the features of the IK STORE+, from entering merchandise to managing shipments for any type of warehouse, be it conventional or automated.

The IK STORE+ is a powerful WMS that provides space optimisation, monitoring of all activity, improved logistics processes and precise product tracking. It provides maximum flexibility which enables adapting order storage and preparation logistics solutions to the requirements.

The new catalogue presents the redesigned and highly usable and accessible IK STORE+. This WMS also responds to the multi-platform concept, providing interaction between multiple platforms and computing architectures.

The catalogue has been launched in different languages to suit different ULMA Handling Systems target markets.