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MONDRAGON Corporation achieves sales of over 4 billion euros on the export markets

Jun 18, 2013
MONDRAGON’s commitment to internationalisation was confirmed in 2012 with a new all-time best in the industrial area, closing the year with international sales of 4.004 billion euros.

Despite the uncertain economic climate, MONDRAGON consolidated its presence abroad with 11 new production subsidiaries, international sales now making up 69% of total sales and 14,000 people being employed abroad. MONDRAGON’s increasing presence on the BRIC markets (Brazil, Russia, India and China) is particularly significant, with an increase of around 20% as compared to last year.

The Corporation continues to be a benchmark in the international arena, with offices and production plants in all five continents. It closed the 2012 financial year with a total of 105 production plants following the start-up of new facilities in places as far apart as Europe, China, India, Mexico and Morocco. MONDRAGON’s international expansion is backed by an ambitious plan for adapting business to the new market reality, with a strategic bid to enhance its presence in the BRIC countries, where in 2012 it saw sales growth of around 20% as compared to the previous year.

As regards the Corporation’s overall figures, total sales reached 12.903 billion euros, 7.6% down on 2011’s figures – mainly due to the Spanish market’s decline – although this was partly compensated with a slight increase (1%) in international sales. As regards employment, the workforce was reduced by 3.9%, with the average number of employees for the year as a whole standing at 80,321. Investment in 2012 stood at 331 million euros, 70% up on the previous year.