• Ulma Handling Systems

A new ULMA logistics automation system will allow Intermarché to pick 150,000 boxes a day

Jul 09, 2014
ULMA Handling Systems has signed a major contract for an ambitious logistics automation project with LUG, a member of the well-known French supermarket group INTERMARCHÉ. The project is an important milestone for ULMA Handling Systems and will position it as a benchmark logistics engineering company in the large-scale distribution sector.

The innovative new installation engineered by ULMA has a fully automated order picking process and is designed to pick 150,000 boxes a day.

LUG has made a 10 million euro investment in this project, which will enable it to minimise errors during the picking process and increase speed and effectiveness, improving traceability and consequently customer service.

The installation will include 4 layer picking robots, 4 tray storage (FSS) robots and 2 anthropomorphic robots for automated picking of individual boxes.

This will be the first fresh produce picking layer system developed by ULMA, and the first FSS system to be implemented on the French market.

The solution will also include an automatic storage system for up to 10,000 pallets, made up of 6 transelevators, and an automatic transport system consisting of 10 STVs.