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Ángel Lumbreras - The other talents of ULMA Group

Employees and partners of the Group make their professional career compatible with very demanding hobbies in which they demonstrate that all obstacles can be overcome with talent and effort. Neither the impertinence of the alarm clock nor arduous journeys can beat them. They form part of the family of employees of ULMA Group, and perfectly combine the responsibility of complying with the obligations of their profession with activities such as elite sport or music. They are hobbies by they go far beyond training.
Ángel Lumbreras - The other talents of ULMA Group
Jul 17, 2015


Far from the pitches and courts but with the same intensity and dedication, ULMA Construction manufacturing operator Ángel Lumbreras looks for space in his agenda to play chords on his guitar. At a very young age he suffered an injury that took away his possibilities of dedicating himself to physically demanding activities but, since that moment, he put all of his talent into music, which became one of his great passions. Some 20 years ago he founded the rock group Legash, with which he produced several records and worked on a stable basis up to 2007. “"The group and music have been my life. But it is a great responsibility and requires a lot of dedication"”, he explains.
The group and music have been my life, but it is a great responsibility and requires a lot of dedication.
After a 5-year break, in 2012 the members of the group came back together to produce a compilation with their most emblematic tunes. But the musical future of Ángel is also written on his own and the artist is looking for time to immerse himself in writing and producing a second solo record. “"When I have time, my main goal will be to release a record. If people like it, all the better, but the most important thing is my personal satisfaction””, he adds.
Lumbreras has become a father twice in a short space of time and finds it increasingly difficult to get moments of alone time to write but, although he is very busy, the music is always with him. He describes it simply and categorically: “"I have metal inside me"”.