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ULMA Construction is contributing to modernisation in India

The presence of ULMA on the Asian market has been a reality for years. The opening of a subsidiary in India in 2010 has meant yet another step in the comprehensive service offer and a close relationship with the customer. ULMA is thus positioning itself on this market by participating in tall building projects. Prestige Trade Tower in Bangalore and World One King Tower in Mumbai are examples of the projects being carried out in this country.
ULMA Construction is contributing to modernisation in India
Feb 28, 2014

Prestige Trade Tower: a perfect combination of climbing systems.

Located in the finance centre of Bangalore, its height of 115 m includes 24 floors, each 30,000 m2, 2 basements and a heliport.

Sober elegant architecture, upholding the standards of an efficient building.

ULMA Construction has proposed two climbing systems for the nuclear power station based on the meccano system of one of its star products:


The combination of BMK climbing brackets with KSP interior platforms for the shafts has enabled weekly concreting cycles.

With this solution, height work and slab work have advanced separately.

The mezzanine height varies between 4.20 and 5.50 m

World One King Tower

With a height of 447 m, this is the second highest residential building in the world.

ULMA Construction has provided a solution for the slabs of the 117 floor skyscraper with two easy to use formworks:


From the 1600 m2 of each typical slab, 1100 m2 with a 25 cm thickness were made with CC-4 aluminium formwork.

ENKOFLEX is the ideal complement for the perimeter as it is made up of separate beams and adapts to the curved shapes of the building.

On 190 linear metres, a 0.90 m edge and 2.50 m width is finished with special risers.

Both systems are supported with European EP props.

Slab surface varies on floors 40 and 80 as per building geometry.