• Ulma Construction

ULMA Construcción builds the Wiggins Island (Australia) coal exportation terminal

Nov 19, 2012
ULMA has supplied the formwork and scaffolding for this global project, which includes: a 2 km long pier and the construction of 950 m-long coal transporting tunnels, with an internal diameter of 6.5 meters each.

Growing demand for coal is driving the Australian market forward and strong growth is expected to continue around the world. Greater export capacity is needed to meet this demand and WICET will provide Queensland’s coal producers with a significant boost to their existing and future coal export capacity. When the terminal is completed the port of Gladstone will see its coal export capacity doubled to 80 million tonnes per annum.

This $2.5 billion project will create more than 800 jobs.

Many factors, such as water-proofing, changes in direction and safety, which are fundamental to this project have been taken into account. To satisfy these needs, MK tunnel cars along with ENKOFORM VMK, ENKOFLEX and ORMA formwork were used.