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ULMA Agrícola’s HIGH TUNNEL Greenhouse

With 35 years of market experience, ULMA Agrícola has a wide range of products which it is now extending, developing and adapting to new requirements as they arise.
ULMA Agrícola’s HIGH TUNNEL Greenhouse
Jul 21, 2014

ULMA Agrícola always works to provide the solution that best suits each customer’s needs. It studies the climate conditions in the country where the installations are to be undertaken, often developing specific structures to cater to each customer’s particular requirements and creating a unique project for every installation.

As a result of its studies and in response to the needs of its customers in tropical areas, particularly in central Africa, ULMA Agrícola has designed a new tunnel-type greenhouse called High Tunnel.

Its special characteristics include suitability for installation in tropical climates, without crop loads, where protection is required from wind, rain and disease.

The standard dimensions of this ULMA Agrícola product are 8 metres in width and over 4 metres in height, with a modulation between arches of 3.5 metres, providing a large free interior space for growing.

Although the top of the greenhouse is normally covered with plastic, the front parts can be covered with either plastic or mesh, with roll-up side vents.

The new HIGH TUNNEL model provides a protected space for crop growing and maintains the strength, resistance, quality and peace of mind of ULMA Agrícola’s products, at a price affordable for rural communities, aiding socio-economic development and food self-sufficiency.