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ULMA Agrícola and UNIDO install high-tech greenhouses in Mexico

ULMA Agrícola has recently supplied UNIDO, the UN agency promoting industrial development in the region, with two greenhouse facilities located in the north of the country.
ULMA Agrícola and UNIDO install high-tech greenhouses in Mexico
Jul 30, 2013

For installation of these two high-tech facilities UNIDO trusted in the expertise of ULMA Agrícola, backed by over 30 years’ experience in the sector.

ULMA Agrícola coordinated and managed both assembly of the greenhouses and installation and start-up of all the equipment supplied as part of the project. Both greenhouses have the same interior subdivisions, equipped differently in each case to suit the type of cultivation they will house.

The grafting areas have side and front ventilation, and overhead ventilation in one case, with protective anti-trip mesh over the vent. They also have a thermal shield and the whole system is controlled by a specially-programmed automatism. The grafting areas also have a black ground cover for weed prevention, watering carts and growing tables with guide rails.

Like the grafting area, the growing area is equipped with automatically-controlled perimeter ventilation and a thermal shield. Cooling systems have also been installed, together with underfloor heating and fog cooling, and moving tables with microtunnels on the growing surface to protect the plants in their first stage of growth.

The workshop area contains roll-up side ventilation, with anti-trip mesh over the vent. The germination chamber has been built as a separate structure from the main module, with a gable roof covered by special panels and equipped with high-pressure fog cooling and heating systems.

Installations of this type are the reference point and the guarantee that are convincing an increasing number of agricultural producers in the country to trust in ULMA Agrícola’s know-how and experience for installation of high-tech projects.