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New cut-and-cover tunnel with ULMA

The S3 motorway construction project comprises a new road tunnel (TS-32), around 320 m long, on the Legnica-Lubawka stretch near Gostków, Poland. The structure, which consists of two galleries, was built using the cut-and-cover tunnel construction method. Each will have two 3.5 m wide lanes plus a 2.5 m wide emergency lane.
New cut-and-cover tunnel with ULMA
Dec 16, 2022

The foundations were made with ORMA modular formwork while a combination of SMK and ENKOFORM HMK trusses were used for the gables, easily adaptable to the geometry of the walls. These 4.3 m long assemblies were moved to the different stations by means of a rail system, without the use of a crane, in 12.5 m sections.

The vaulting was carried out with the MK formwork carriage for Cut-and-cover Tunnels. Its design took into account the ability to adapt to the geometry of the tunnel and the possibility of movement on the foundations. This has avoided the cost overruns associated with the implementation of an additional foundations system for the roller rails.  In addition, to avoid the use of on-site machinery, part of the formwork carriage was pre-assembled at ULMA's facilities.

The main elements of the carriage were pre-assembled on-site before final assembly in phases. ULMA technical personnel with experience in similar structures and extensive knowledge of hydraulic systems were present at all times. After placing the concrete at each section, the carriage was easily moved to the next station, as it was equipped with a hydraulic group that facilitates formwork erection and stripping, lowering, levelling and the forward movement of the system.

    Enjoy the spectacular images of the project in this video.