• Ulma Construction

CVS Cantilever Form Carrier, the Solution for Complex Terrain

Mar 03, 2021
The new ES-60 Viaduct, which forms part of the Slupsk - Gdansk portion of the S6 Expressway in Poland, will considerably reduce travel time between these two cities and thus reduce the flow of traffic on local roads.

Due to the project’s location in a deep valley, ULMA proposed that the deck be executed using the balanced cantilever method. This technology is a highly efficient to build large-span bridges whenever the piers are especially tall or the terrain makes shoring from the ground too complex.


Various ULMA formwork systems were used in the construction of the ES-60 Viaduct. The foundations, abutments, and central piers were built using the ORMA Wall Formwork system. HMK Bridge Deck Formwork was used for the base and sides of the box-girder deck, due to its ability to adapt to varied geometry.Four separate CVS Formwork Carriers were used to build the deck.