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Atlantic Station Mixed-Use Development, U.S.A.

The Atlantic Station Project will transform the old Stamford, CT Post Office building into a mixed-use development with spectacular views of Manhattan and Long Island.
Atlantic Station Mixed-Use Development, U.S.A.
Dec 23, 2016

The complex comprises a dynamic retail and restaurant area set underneath two tower blocks reaching 21 and 29 storeys tall, respectively, as well as a car park for more than 800 vehicles.

For projects such as these, where strict deadlines are absolutely crucial, the formwork employed must allow for rapid pouring cycles. The new formwork system FORMADECK provides all the speed necessary without compromising quality. It is designed to permit early equipment recovery – including girders, grid joist and joist – which can be rapidly assembled for the subsequent pour.

FORMADECK’s rigorous safety standards don’t hinder its efficiency in the slightest. In fact, the pace of work is increased by the lightweight aluminium components that permit the system to assembled from the ground.

ULMA Construction supplied more than 5,500 m2 of formwork systems for one of the towers and the car park, including innovative solutions such as MEGALITE, the man-portable formwork system for walls and columns, and KSP Platforms, designed for lift shafts, stairways, and other confined spaces that require a formwork support structure.

ULMA Construction developed a provisioning and delivery schedule to meet the established deadlines, and remained in close contact with the customer throughout the building process. All manner of adjustments and adaptations in material supply were coordinated between the client and ULMA’s Engineering and Logistics Departments.