• Ulma Construction

185 Broadway Rising Above The Financial District in New York.

Mar 17, 2021
Rising above the city's financial heart, the tower will offer magnificent views of the skyscrapers. Residents and visitors will have a wide array of dining, entertainment, and fitness options available.

The 24.200 m², 124 meters tall, 31-story mixed-use superstructure.

The building is strategically located next to the recently renovated Fulton Street Subway Station and one block away from the World Trade Center.

ULMA provided over 25 HWS Perimeter Safety Screens to cover the building's perimeter, ensuring the safety of both workers and pedestrians during the construction of the superstructure. The system offers protection in four levels: the level being poured, and the previous three. Additionally, the self-climbing system ensures excellent protection against weather, reduces the visual height effect, and it is highly versatile since it can be easily adapted to different geometries