ULMA Advanced Forged Solutions

Jon Urzelai, ULMA Piping

Mar 26, 2018

Employees and partners of the Group make their professional career compatible with very demanding hobbies in which they demonstrate that all obstacles can be overcome with talent and hard work.

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ULMA Forja, S. Coop. 50 years together 1962-2012

Nov 29, 2012

This history goes back to 1962. The year when GAITU was established, meaning the initial letters of the promoters, (Guridi, Ayastuy, Irizar, Telleria and Urcelay). During these 50 years of life, the company has gone through many changes, both of its name (it was renamed ENARA in 1967 and finally adopted the legal form of ULMA Forja in 1995), and in the way it works.

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ULMA Advanced Forged Solutions


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