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ULMA Conveyor Components at the EXPONOR 2017 Show

May 25, 2017

ULMA Conveyor Components was present at the EXPONOR Show, held in Antofagasta, Chile, on 15-19 May.

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International Expansion

Jan 10, 2017

As part of its sales network expansion strategy, ULMA Conveyor Components has hired 2 people for its Peru and US subsidiaries.

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ULMA Conveyor Components gets homologation order in Minera Escondida

Dec 04, 2016

100 return garlands will hopefully solve the cleanliness problems on one of the belts in the facility.

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21st Expert Meeting on Bulk Handling Technology

Oct 15, 2016

This past 12 and 13 of October, the 21st Expert Meeting on Bulk handling Technology took place in Garnich (Munich).

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Coal and Iron Ore Terminal Project in Croatia

Sep 09, 2016

A Croatian engineering firm awarded ULMA Conveyor Components a contract for supplying rollers and supports for the new bulk terminal of Ploče in Croatia. The port is located near the mouth of the Neretva river on the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

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Las Bambas, Peru supply contract

Jul 11, 2016

The Las Bambas Mining Operation is a major copper mine belonging to Grupo Minero MMG. It is located in the Province of Cotabambas, Apurimac Region, in Peru and is expected to be one of the most important copper assets worldwide in terms of production.

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Project for Cementos Argos, Colombia

Jun 13, 2016

A German engineering firm has awarded ULMA Conveyor Components the contract to supply rollers and supports for expanding the Cementos Argos plant in Colombia.

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ULMA Conveyor at the EXPOMIN 2016 fair

May 20, 2016

ULMA Conveyor Components attended the EXPOMIN fair in Santiago de Chile for the first time, held between 25-29 April 2016.

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STROC project for the OCP

Apr 11, 2016

Moroccan engineering firm STROC awarded ULMA Conveyor Components a contract for the supply of rollers and supports for treating phosphate for the OCP in Morocco. The project is for the new MZINDA mine in the OCP Youssoufia complex.

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ULMA Conveyor Components launches its new digital project: www.ulmaconveyor.com

Dec 17, 2014

The new website is part of its strategic plan, developed last year, a key element of which is focussed on the development and international consolidation of its business. The site includes two new languages - French and German - and intuitive browsing for easy access to the new content.

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ULMA Conveyor: Tuticorin Coal Terminal India Project

Nov 19, 2013

ULMA Conveyor will be supplying the rollers to the engineering firm Duro Felguera Plantas Industriales for the turnkey project for a Coal Handling System at the Port of Tuticorin (India) and the for the client ABG-LDA Group.

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ULMA Conveyor Basque Language Plan

Oct 21, 2013

In the last quarter of 2013, and following the example set by other ULMA Group companies, ULMA Conveyor has drawn up a Basque Language Plan to encourage the use of the language at work.

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ULMA Conveyor attends the BAUMA 2013 Fair

Apr 30, 2013

The BAUMA 2013 Fair was held in Munich, this April (15-21/04/2013). This is the most important international trade fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machinery and Construction Equipment. This event, being held for the 30th time in 2013, has over time become the most important fair in the world for the construction sector.

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ULMA Conveyor: Project for Gangavaram Port Limited India

Feb 08, 2013

ULMA Conveyor is supplying the engineering company Duro Felguera Plantas Industriales the rollers for a turnkey project to expand Gangavaram Port (India).

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Posco project for the OCP by ULMA Conveyor

Jan 29, 2013

The Korean company POSCO Engineering has awarded ULMA Conveyor Components two contracts to supply rollers and idlers for phosphate processing for the OCP in Morocco. The project will take place in the Maroc Phosphore facility in Jorf Las Far.

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ULMA Conveyor components, GmbH has been set up

Dec 21, 2012

In order to reinforce our strategic commitment to enhancing our presence in the large German mining sector, ULMA Conveyor has set up a trading subsidiary in the country.

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ULMA Conveyor is giving an Occupational Risk Prevention course through the company TeknoDidaktika

Nov 23, 2012

A course has been given to continue supporting prevention and implement it throughout the organisation.

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ULMA Conveyor project for Kakinada Port India

Oct 26, 2012

ULMA Conveyor is to supply Duro Felguer Plantas Industriales, an engineering firm, with the rollers and supports for a turnkey project in Coal Handling Systems for the 5th pier at Kakinada India Port.

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Project for developing Welding control at ULMA Conveyor Components

Oct 25, 2012

ULMA Conveyor Components has initiated, together with IK4 LORTEK, a project for developing Quality Control in Welding.

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