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ULMA Construction at the Teles Pires hydroelectric power plant in Brazil

Jul 30, 2014
The Teles Pires hydroelectric power plant forms part of the infrastructure plan for the Brazil Federal Government’s Growth Acceleration Programme (PAC). With an 1820 megawatt production capacity, the plant will supply a population of 2.7 million families.

The plant is located on the River Teles Pires, a tributary of the River Tapajós, on the border of the States of Pará and Mato Grosso in the municipalities of Jacareacanga (Pará) and Paranaíta (Mato Grosso).

The cornerstones of this type of project include a total safety guarantee, low cost and high productivity. ULMA Construction has therefore proposed a system for moving the formwork support with no need for prior dismantling.

MK trusses with a length of 12.68 m were used to configure a mobile carriage to move the 19 m tall T-60 towers to their next location. The combination of these two systems has shown ULMA Construction’s ability to provide the ideal solution for machine room slab support. There are five buildings of this type in the project, and this solution is currently being applied to two of them.

Slab formwork using the HMK system has been created without an MK carriage, although bracing and blocking between the towers allow the slabs to be moved with the aid of the VR lateral carriage. The T-60 shoring system has a high load capacity and enables quick, safe assembly.  The system provides maximum safety even at great heights, as is the case for this project, where ULMA Construction’s solution has delivered time and cost savings.

This type of project requires constant maintenance work, and the BRIO scaffolding, with a height of over 10 m, was used for this purpose, for both the machine rooms and the collectors. The system maintains and guarantees maximum worksite safety, with access systems and platforms, and its flexibility has allowed it to adapt to both the straight and curved geometries of this project.

ULMA Construction at the Teles Pires hydroelectric power plant in Brazil