• Ulma Construction

The Bay of Cadiz Bridge, a large-scale and technically demanding project

May 17, 2016
The Bay of Cadiz Bridge, popularly known as “La Pepa Bridge”, is one of the largest bridges in the world and the second highest, surpassing even the legendary Golden Gate in San Francisco.

With a length of 3,082 m, a width of 33 m and a vertical clearance of 69 m, the new bridge will enable the passage of large vessels. This project consisted of the construction of several deck sections totalling 1,079 m. The deck section is large with complex interior geometry and a trapezoid-shaped exterior with parallel sides of 10 and 30 m in length and a variable height of between 2 and 3 m.

For one of the sections, ULMA Construction used a shoring system that guaranteed robustness, safety and flexibility of use, in combination with ENKOFORM H-120 deck formwork. Along with the traditional system, a large deck flange formwork carriage measuring 48 m wide, 25 m high and 16 m long was used.

The successful implementation of this large-scale and technically complex project is the result of effective coordination between the different ULMA Construction teams charged with planning, engineering and site assistance and the use of standard products to develop a global solution.