• Ulma Construction

Comprehensive solution provided by ULMA in the construction of the Toromocho open pit mine in Peru

Mar 14, 2019
Projects such as this open pit mine, composed of many unique structures, require unique solutions with products adapted to the specific demands of the project.

In Peru, where mining constitutes 14% of the GDP, Toromocho Mine has become one of the most productive in the country. Situated at 4500 m above sea level, it is expected to supply 1.5 billion tonnes of mineral material.

ULMA supplied a comprehensive formwork and scaffolding system to construct the infrastructure, processing facilities, crushers, access tunnels, material extraction tunnels, and more.

Standing at more than 25 m tall, the crusher facilities are representative of the project as a whole. A cantilevered structure 3.7 m long and 1.1 m thick was built using 20 MK trusses. Using this as a base, it was possible to complete the top floor with a height of 9 m.

ORMA formwork was used for the vertical structures, 1.5 m thick walls with uniform dimensions, which greatly reduced the time between pours.

In this type of building, characterised by substantial floor height and slab thickness, the load bearing requirements can reach 1,060 t per slab. A combination of BRIO shoring and ALUPROP props provided an ideal solution.