Germán Rodriguez, ULMA Construction expatriate in Brazil

Mar 31, 2014 Ulma Construction

“Last year, the workload at ULMA Construction waned considerably, off-hand I discovered that in my Business they were looking for people available for moving to Brazil to work, I took courage and asked in HR, they told me about the profiles that were required and I saw that mine was among them. At home I talked about the idea of going to work abroad and after evaluating the situation that was arising here; we saw the opportunity was there."

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Promotional Environment of Grupo ULMA

Mar 31, 2014 Ulma Group

The Promotion Area collaborates with group elements in the preparation of the promotion policy as a tool for the definition and implementation of the Grupo ULMA Business Portfolio.

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Izan Osasuntsu, Promotion Programme of the ULMA environmental Health

Mar 31, 2014 Ulma Group

Promoting occupational health is putting into practice a series of initiatives to improve the health of the workers and increase their own control over health in the same work spaces.

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Brand and communication corporate environment of the ULMA Group.

Dec 27, 2013 Ulma Group

The Group Image and Communication Policy are defined in the Organisational Project of the ULMA Group and are consolidated in the management and coordination of institutional relations, of the external and internal communication and in the use and protection of the ULMA Brand.

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Eñaut Sarriegi, Expatriate of ULMA Handling Systems in Brazil

Dec 27, 2013 Ulma Handling Systems

Brazil, the country of the samba and the caipirinha, of kilometric beaches, of the variety of fauna and flora, of racial mixture, country of contrasts, with short but relevant history. São Paulo, “terra da garoa”, the economic nucleus of Brazil, city of chaos regarding transport and mobility, with high crime indexes, the city that does not stop.

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A preschool for the children of the fisherwomen, something more than an educational project.

Jose Manuel Bernardo, member of the Technical Assistance Service team of ULMA Carretillas Elevadoras, and Henar Adrian are a young couple of Lasarte that recently have returned from Muisne (Ecuador) after finishing one of the projects that the “Hegolan” NGO has in the Esmeraldas province.

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Aitor Otxoa finishes the “Pierra Menta” for the eleventh time

Jul 30, 2013 Ulma Packaging

Aitor has participated eleven times in this test, known as the unofficial downhill ski world championship. Seen from the number of events he has participated in, we could say that Aitor is a veteran, since only one other skier surpasses him statewide

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Iker Larreategi ULMA Agrícola expatriate in México

Jul 30, 2013 Ulma agrícola

“It was back in 2001 when I had my first contact with Mexico. At that time I came as an academic exchange student at Tecnológico de Monterrey, in the city of Monterrey.

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Corporate Finance Environment of the ULMA Group

Jul 30, 2013 Ulma Group

The ULMA Group Finance Area started, practically, with the “official” start of the ULMA Group back in 1986. Still without structuring the Central Departments of the Group, as we know them today, the service was given by the Finance Management of ULMA Construcción. Jose Luis Del Campo was the first finance director of the Group. Later, José Ramon Anduaga, Jokin Ugarte and Kepa Salaberria have occupied the position.

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Mónica Casado, ULMA Architectural Solutions expatriate in Brazil

“O tempo voa-Time flies, as the Brasilians say, it’s already almost a year and half since I came to São Paulo. From my point of view, the thermometer telling you that the expatriation process is still a positive experience is the very fact that with each passing day you feel less like an expatriate. Evidently, this point cannot be reached today for tomorrow, this process occurs in several stages.

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The Central Departments of ULMA Group; Collaboration and Service for Business.

Apr 08, 2013 Ulma Group

The following issues of Begira Magazine will see a series of reports informing our customers of ULMA Group’s services, projects and collaborations. We will present the different Corporative Work Committees and the projects which they are developing. In this current issue we offer a general view on how the Group’s Central Departments are structured, who they consist of, the range of services that they offer and which corporate committees actually exist.

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ULMA Forja, S. Coop. 50 years together 1962-2012

This history goes back to 1962. The year when GAITU was established, meaning the initial letters of the promoters, (Guridi, Ayastuy, Irizar, Telleria and Urcelay). During these 50 years of life, the company has gone through many changes, both of its name (it was renamed ENARA in 1967 and finally adopted the legal form of ULMA Forja in 1995), and in the way it works.

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Grupo ULMA launches the OnLine version of its Begira Magazine

Nov 29, 2012 Ulma Group

Last November, the digital version of the BEGIRA magazine was launched. A web space that pretends being the portal for current affairs for all the partners and workers of Grupo ULMA. Begira On line starts with the same philosophy as the printed magazine: give information about the current affairs of the Businesses and generally the Grupo ULMA, its foundation and New Promotions in real-time. Access is open through

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Jesús Mª del Rio, ULMA Packaging Expatriate in Germany

Nov 29, 2012 Ulma Packaging

During that time ULMA Packaging had a commercial affiliate in Germany, but the German market was the one that resisted the most, on one hand, because the demands of the German market were very high and on the other, because the highest competitor of ULMA Packaging in both market share and technology was precisely a German company. That same year Jesus Mª del Rio moved with his family to Illertissen, a town near ULM in the south of Germany, and there initiated his passionate professional adventure.

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Emigration; a rising phenomena

Jul 31, 2012 Ulma Construction

Edward De Marta – Emigrant. Director of ULMA Construcción in Singapore: After agreeing to emigrate and convince his wife, Nekane of it, Edward de Marta packed his bags to start a passionate professional adventure more than 12,000 km from his home in San Sebastian.

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ULMA Construcción provides a new approach to the emblematic football stadium Mané Garrincha

Jul 30, 2012 Ulma Construction

Known as Mané Garrincha, it will be one of the main venues of the 2014 football World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. After the demolition of the old stadium, the new sports complex will hold 71,000 spectators in about 188,000 m2.

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More than 4,000 healthy menus served in the 11 weeks of the “11 restaurants 11 healthy menus” special.

Jul 30, 2012 Ulma Group

At the ULMA Group, within the activities of its Foundation, they have finished the special Healthy Menus campaign that in the last 11 weeks has been held at the pre-selected restaurants in the campaign.

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ULMA Inoxtruck Offshore sailing

Mar 05, 2012 New Promotions

Inoxtruck ULMA has launched its range of handling equipment 100% stainless international markets where it has gained high acceptance by the food industry, achieving expand its sales network to Europe through closed distribution agreements in countries like Portugal, Ireland, United Kingdom, Iceland and Norway among others.

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