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ULMA Group has approved the general policies for using the Basque language

Jul 18, 2018
The general policies for using the Basque language have been agreed and defined within a participatory process, with more than 100 people from ULMA. The objective is clear: to make Basque the working language in all ULMA’s centres in the Basque Country and to do it proactively, progressively and comprehensively.

The following people took part in the process that began in autumn 2017 and was completed in March 2018: members of the Basque Commissions, Motivation groups, ICT groups, presidents and general managers of the ULMA Group and presidents of the ULMA cooperatives.

In the ULMA Group’s POGU, the need to support and promote the Basque culture and language is mentioned, which is why the general policies for Management of the Basque language have been specified. Accordingly, ULMA aims to strengthen the management of Basque and achieve its standardization. Likewise, regarding ULMA collectively and society in general, the nature of the group and its commitment to the language are also strengthened.


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